Vyhlásenie MZVaEZ SR k medzinárodnému dňu pamiatky obetí holokaustu

Statement of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic on Holocaust Memorial Day

27.1.2018 | Vyhlásenia a stanoviská ministerstva

The international community annually commemorates 27 January as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  On this day in 1945, the largest Nazi concentration and death camp in Auschwitz, to which Slovak Jews were also sent in 1942-1944, was liberated by the Red Army. The Nazi terrors and suffering of millions of holocaust victims must forever be commemorated at both national and international levels.  Therefore, the Slovak Republic closely cooperates with other members of International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance IHRA ( in education about the Holocaust, researching and remembering it.  The Permanent Exposition of the Holocaust Museum in the city of Sereď was opened just on this occasion on 27 January two years ago and since then the Museum has welcomed more than 30,000 visitors, mostly pupils and students. This number attests to the existing permanent need to commemorate historic events and failures and to understand their warnings for our present time.