I. Korčok na podujatiach SOPK a Café Európa o brexite a budúcnosti EÚ

Ivan Korčok at meetings organized by SCCI on Europe and Brexit and the future of the EU

9.11.2017 | Aktivity štátnych tajomníkov | Slovensko a Európska únia

State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs SR, Ivan Korčok, made a presentation in Bratislava on Wednesday (8 November 2017) at a seminar on the Post-Brexit Future of the EU that was organized by the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) where he discussed the causes of Brexit, the ongoing negotiations between the EU and the United Kingdom and the forthcoming steps. 

“Today it is exactly 503 days since the decision of the British citizens to leave the EU. Intensive negotiations have brought certain progress but still, we need to move on. Slovakia has eminent interest in as early as possible start of talks about the form of the future EU-United Kingdom relations. To be able to do that the need is to agree on the conditions of the departure, including the financial settlement, by the end of the year," noted the state secretary at this seminar.

The other discussants included Andrew Garth, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to SR, George Zavvos, the Legal Advisor to the European Commission, and Eduard Chmelár, the rector of the Academy of Sciences.

State Secretary Korčok continued discussing the future of the European Union also in the evening held under the Café Europe event. Alongside Miroslav Beblavý, a member of the Slovak Parliament, and Dušan Chrenek, the Head of the Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia, they acknowledged that the discussions concerning the future form of the European Union have acquired new dynamics. Recently numerous visions have been submitted on what the future European Union should look like. Korčok, however, thinks that what is important at present is how the Union handles the mortgage loan from the past rather than great visions. Since SR became an EU member the EU has been in a permanent crisis. In that regard the state secretary noted: “If we want to avoid another spiral of crises we have to finish building the fundamental successful integration projects. Engaging in this effort, SR considers as key to proceed in accordance with five fundamental principles. The first principle is not being against deeper integration everywhere where it is beneficial to Slovakia. The next principle is maintaining unity but not at the cost of progress. The third one is consistent adherence to the proportionality and subsidiarity principles. We also should maintain the communitarian model of the EU and should not forget observance of the set rules.”