Štátny tajomník L. Parízek rokoval s vrchným veliteľom síl NATO generálom Curtisom M. Scaparrottim

State Secretary Parízek has discussion with Curtis Scaparrotti, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe

30.1.2018 | Aktivity štátnych tajomníkov | Slovensko a NATO

State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Lukáš Parízek, today (30 January 2018) received Curtis M. Scaparrotti, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR). General Scaparrotti is also U.S. European Command Commander General who came to Bratislava to participate in the US & Central Europe Chiefs of Defence conference.

During the meeting they talked about the successful 25 years of Slovak-US cooperation in many areas, including security and defense.  

State Secretary Parízek assured General Scaparrotti that Slovakia has been responsible about meeting its commitments in relation to its NATO membership.  “We have detailed plans how to achieve objectives we committed to fulfil. We have increased defense expenditures, we have modernized and have contributed to the Alliance operations,” he stated. General Scaparrotti appreciated Slovakia´s activities as a solid and responsible NATO member.  He especially emphasized the Slovak demining training team that is active in Iraq since November last year, being part of the Alliance assistance activities in this country. 

They also spoke about the NATO Force Integration Unit in Slovakia, the role of which is to cooperate with the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, for instance in transport of the allied armies for trainings through our territory.  They also touched on the expectations from the upcoming NATO summit to be held in Brussels in July.  “The summit should confirm the unity of the Allies and their resolve to jointly face all security issues for our countries and their inhabitants,” highlighted State Secretary Parízek.