M. Lajčák uviedol do života publikáciu Svedectvá a príbehy – diplomacia v období vzniku SR

Lajčák launches a new book: Testimonials and Stories – Diplomacy in the Time of Formation of the Slovak Republic

2.2.2018 | Aktivity ministra | Kultúrna diplomacia | Kultúrna prezentácia

In the historically-difficult time when the Czecho-Slovak Republic was dividing 25 years ago and when the history of independent Slovakia started forming, our diplomacy was "sitting in the first row”. We realized that this was a new phase of our history and our own lives.  We were full of enthusiasm as well as of incertitude as we only started defining the contours of our future path.  This was the message today (2 February) by Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Miroslav Lajčák at the premises of the Slovak Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs in Bratislava during the official launch of the book Svedectvá a príbehy – diplomacia v období vzniku Slovenskej republiky (Testimonials and Stories – Diplomacy in the Time of Formation of the Slovak Republic). “Some of us, including me, were hanging the Slovak flags for the first time ever in the night of 1 January 1993 in front of embassies.  Since that January night more than 25 years have passed – which is very long in a human life but little in a state´s life. Therefore, I´m even more proud of the huge journey our country has passed through since then – fully integrated in the geopolitical space to that we wanted so much then to belong to at the beginning. Therefore, it is important to narrate not only its professional but also the human story as well,” stated Lajčák in his address launching this book together with three other personages heading the Slovak Foreign Affairs Ministry in 1990-1994 – Milan Kňažko, Pavol Demeš and Eduard Kukan.

The book collects memories and witnesses of 58 representatives and co-authors of the newly-forming independent foreign service of the Slovak Republic who used to work at the Ministry of International Relations of the Slovak Republic, later known as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, as well as diplomatic missions abroad in 1990-1994.  It was born on the occasion of the 25th anniversary and on the idea of recollecting the specific events, extraordinary circumstances, and the lifetime atmosphere of the beginnings and the gradual establishment of the Slovak institution for international relations as standard diplomacy at home and abroad.  

The book was written within a project subsidized by the Slovak Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and is designed for everybody – professionals as well as laypersons  – who want to understand how the diplomacy of the independent Slovak Republic was formed.  The book is published by SLOVART publishing house.