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I. Korčok na stretnutí ministrov zahraničných vecí EÚ s ministrom zahraničných vecí USA R. Tillersonom

Ivan Korčok in meeting with EU foreign ministers and US Secretary of State

5.12.2017 | Aktivity štátnych tajomníkov | SR a EÚ | Slovensko a Európska únia

State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs SR, Ivan Korčok, attended a working luncheon of the EU foreign ministers and the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, in Brussels today (5 December). The key discussion themes included issues of mutual relations, Iran’s nuclear program, the situation in the eastern area of Ukraine and relations with Russia as well as the Middle East peace process. This was the first EU-U.S. meeting at the foreign ministry level under the current American administration. The meeting confirmed the importance of Trans-Atlantic relations for the security and prosperity of people living on both sides of the Atlantic. “It is especially at the time of uncertainty, regional conflicts, a tense global security situation and much disinformation that we need to keep reminding about what our security stands on, its foundation is EU-US cooperation based on trust and common values,” noted State Secretary Korčok.

The discussions strongly resonated also with the issue of relations with Russia. The EU and the US have acknowledged that improving relations with Russia is possible only when the conflict in the eastern area of Ukraine is addressed, including restoring Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. “Of course, the Minsk process can be successful only when both parties contribute to this solution,” emphasized Korčok and added that a meeting like this one also presents an opportunity for us, as allies, to engage in open discussions of issues where our views may diverge. “I have specific trade-related issues in mind where the negotiations of an EU-US trade deal have not been progressing, but that should not prevent us from our ambition to continue to jointly shape and pursue international trade rules.”

The state secretary also emphasized the necessity of EU-US cooperation within the Western Balkans where we have been witnessing attempts to discourage the countries of that region from their clear and free pro-European orientation.