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Slovak startup brings the biggest smart waste installation to Europe

Updated 20.04.2023

Every year, April 22 is observed as Earth Day, bringing awareness to how we as species destroy our environment. One particular way we do this is through excessive waste production, which can be countered by efficient management.

It is therefore no coincidence that around the time the world observes the ecologically driven event, we present a successful Slovak startup – Sensoneo.

The company offers smart waste management technology that enables cities, and even enterprises, to lower their environmental footprint and be more efficient with their approach to waste. For example, Sensoneo's solutions allows for up to a 63 percent reduction of waste collection routes.

Or in other words, this means saving money that would be otherwise necessary for collection and fuel for vehicles, as well as reduction in traffic, time, and noise.

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More and more towns, municipalities and business are starting to understand this. The company's solutions have already been installed in many cities all over the world, such as Prague, Buenos Aires, even Cambridge University. All in all, in more than 80 countries.

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Photos: Sensoneo

In February 2023, Sensoneo announced that it would implement the largest smart waste management project in Europe. In Madrid, the capital of Spain, more than 11,000 sensors are going to be installed in bins for textile, glass, packaging, and general waste. Moreover, the city will employ the company's system, which helps plan the most optimal routes for collection while maintaining the costs at minimum. The platform is able to take into consideration blind spots, real-time traffic updates, and other factors unique to waste collection, while still allowing for operators to be flexible and customize routes when necessary.

With the help of the Slovak startup, Madrid's authorities will transform it into a smart city with focus on innovation and ecological solutions.

"We develop and provide easy-to-deploy innovations that help cities and businesses to ready their waste management for the future," says Martin Basila, CEO and co-founder of Sensoneo.

Moreover, Sensoneo also developed a unique software solution for a deposit return scheme in Slovakia, making it one of the most advanced in the world. It was presented as an example of a circular economy to Dutch King William-Alexander and Queen Máxima when they visited Slovakia in early March.

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Photos: BILLA Slovakia

Currently, ecology is one of the most important issues in Slovakia, as evidenced by many startups whose goal is to protect the environment. For example, Nitroterra Technology aims to dramatically decrease the use of synthetic fertilizers in farming, while Ecocapsule offers innovative, self-sustainable micro-houses powered only by solar and wind energy.