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Slovak startup revolutionizes clinical treatment with AI

Updated 02.02.2023

In recent years, many Slovak startups have been successful both in their home country and abroad as well. The stories of Eset and Sygic are well known. However, they are not the only ones to gain international renown. We will gradually present several Slovak startups with remarkable innovative ideas. Today we are introducing Powerful Medical. 

Cardiovascular diseases have been the leading cause of death not just in Slovakia, but in most of the world for many years, resulting in millions of deaths. A key factor between a successful treatment and premature death is time. That is why it is important for patients to get an accurate diagnosis as soon and quickly as possible so that they receive suitable health care.

The Slovak startup Powerful Medical aims to help in this regard. The company of the brothers Martin and Robert Herman has created the PMcardio mobile app - a clinical assistant that allows health care professionals to interpret an electrocardiogram (ECG), a recording of the heart's electrical activity, with the precision of a top cardiologist. 

Powerful Medical claims that the app "performs significantly better than GPs, specialists, and cardiologists in all aspects based on the results." The platform, the first of its kind, is also compatible with any mobile phone. 

PMcardio is based on artificial intelligence, which makes the diagnosis and treatment of more than 40 cardiovascular diseases more effective. The AI has been trained based on millions of electrocardiograms to make precise recommendations. A board of cardiologists and medical authorities validated the outcomes to ensure accuracy. The app works in four steps. The first step is digitising an ECG. Then a medical professional enters a patient's parameters. The combination, based on medical guidelines, allows to take the ideal course of action. The app also enables sharing and collaborating in order to obtain additional insights.

Recently, Powerful Medical hit the headlines as the first organisation to obtain EU certification on Medical Devices for its application, meaning that it has been verified to meet all regulatory requirements for medical devices. The product meets the highest standards and ensures the highest level of performance and safety. 

Last year, Powerful Medical received a €6.2 million investment from several investors, which allows the company to expand. 

Currently, the team is working to prepare the app for an official launch, which is expected in early 2023. The company also plans to gradually roll out their solution across European markets and expand to the US upon receiving approval from the Food and Drug Administration. 

Their plans include working on new research that will expand the possibilities of what PMcardio is can do. For example, one of the goals is to enable medical professionals to predict the risk of death and find the best treatment process for patients with heart failure, a condition that poses a great threat in the ageing population. 

Moreover, they want their app to detect whether a patient is having a heart attack, which artery is the cause and what is the prognosis.

In Slovakia, the company is now examining the results of clinical studies with several health insurers to eventually incorporate the app into the Slovak health care system.

Powerful Medical is a successful Slovak startup that unites smart young people, creative visionaries and top medical experts. What brings them together is their belief that the rapid implementation of innovative technologies has great potential. Their results have already placed them among pioneers of artificial intelligence in medicine.

Photos: Powerful Medical
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