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Visit Slovakia for a taste of unique music festivals

Updated 23.06.2023

Summer vacation time is fast approaching and, in addition to well-known tourist attractions, Slovakia has a lot to offer when it comes to culture as well. Let us dive in and see what exceptional experiences await music lovers.

Many countries have their signature festival. Pohoda is Slovakia’s largest music and multimedia festival, with more 25 years under its belt already. This year's edition takes place between July 6 and July 8 at Trenčín Airport.

As always, in addition to a friendly atmosphere, the festival provides a unique combination of high-quality musical performances from worldwide acts, support for non-government organisations, and political discussions, allowing people to not only enjoy music, but to learn something about society in general as well. 

The tradition started in 1997 when Michal Kaščák and Mário Michna staged a one-day event at the Trenčín city stadium, hosting eight mainly Slovak and Czech groups on one stage. Now, tens of thousands of visitors and dozens of acts come every year. A multi-genre festival, those who attend Pohoda can hear rock, dance music, world music, reggae, ska and even classical and alternative music.

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​​​​​​​Just a month later, the Grape festival will take place at the same spot between August 11 and August 12. An open-air festival that started in 2010, Grape has made a name for itself and every year thousands of music lovers even from abroad flock to its premises. Its aim is to bring lesser known musicians, both local and from abroad, to Slovakia. In 2012 and 2014 it ranked among the top 10 best smaller festivals on the Europe Festival Awards list.

The TopFest festival, with its 20-year history, has become the largest gathering of rock music fans in the country. Taking place at the turn of June and July, this year’s edition will return to its roots in Nové Mesto nad Váhom, western Slovakia.

The Atmosféra and Končiny festivals take place on August 4 and 6. While the former is a synonym of unusual experience and friendship, the latter combines multiple genres with the unique environment of the Strážovské Vrchy mountain range.

The Uprising festival has become an inseparable part of the end of summer. Since its founding in 2008, it has become the biggest festival of its kind in central Europe, with its fanbase growing every year. Taking place between August 25 and 26 at Zlaté Piesky lake in Bratislava, its goal is to bring together people of various cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds.

Even though it is called a reggae festival, to say that Uprising is monothematic would be a severe understatement. Visitors can hear music from genres such as dancehall, Latin, dubstep and many others, not to mention the sports tournaments, yoga workshops and discussions. The festival was named to commemorate an important historic event, the Slovak National Uprising.

Whether you decide to visit any of the mentioned festivals, or choose from a number of others, you will definitely have great fun and a lot of memorable experiences, because traveling to Slovakia is a good idea.
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