Europe’s oldest marathon celebrates centenary
The oldest marathon in Europe is held neither in London, nor Paris, nor Berlin. Actually, it takes place in Košice, eastern Slovakia. After the Boston (1897) and Yonkers (1907) marathons it is the third oldest worldwide.
Slovakia boasts one of the most comprehensive hiking trail networks in Europe
With summer holidays pretty much over, schools all over Slovakia are slowly preparing for a new year. Among them are a few unique ones, such as Maximilián Hell Primary School in Štiavnické Bane, near the UNESCO town of Banská Štiavnica, central Slovakia.
Exceptional Slovak school with a special twist in their curriculum
Slovakia is rich in natural heritage. The breathtaking scenery and challenging mountain terrain are attracting tourists from all around the world. Slovaks have always had a strong bond with nature, and that is why the 150th anniversary of the organised tourism tradition is a significant event.
The legacy of Andy Warhol lives on in Slovakia
One of the most significant artists with Slovak roots is Andy Warhol, an American illustrator, film-maker, and leading figure of the pop art movement.
A unique bike that grows with you, proudly made in Slovakia
"I just wanted a folding bike for my son, but could not find a single one," says Dušan Manďula, head of the development team of the 1.PN, a special tools production company based in Prešov, eastern Slovakia...
July 5 marks the Day of Slovaks Living Abroad
On July 5, the same day Slovakia commemorates the two apostles Saints Cyril and Methodius, who devised the Glagolitic alphabet in 863, the country also observes the Day of Slovaks Living Abroad.
Visit Slovakia for a taste of unique music festivals
Summer vacation time is fast approaching and, in addition to well-known tourist attractions, Slovakia has a lot to offer when it comes to culture as well. Let us dive in and see what exceptional experiences await music lovers.
Promising cancer diagnostics tools from Slovakia
We continue our series of introducing successful Slovak startups. This time, we present MultiplexDX and its CEO, biotechnologist Pavol Čekan...
It is rather unusual to change one's career focus several times. The exceptional person and successful scientist Pavol Čekan did it every five years. He switched from protein biochemistry, to nucleic acid chemistry, then RNA biology, molecular pathology and oncology...
Ideas from Bratislava's strategic conference are shaping the security architecture of today's world
At the end of May, Bratislava became Europe’s centre of attention.
Taking place on May 29-31, the 18th edition of the Globsec Bratislava Security Forum focused heavily on the war in Ukraine, overcoming global tensions. Some 1,300 guests – premiers, presidents, ministers, leaders of institutions – from 63 countries arrived.
Successful Slovak cyclists dress other cyclists all over the world
Before Peter Sagan came up and captivated many, Slovakia had another ace in the world of road cycling. To be more precise, two aces – the twin brothers Peter and Martin Velits...
Slovakia – the hockey republic
Fast, unpredictable, dramatic. The nature of ice hockey and the achievements Slovaks have gained have made the sport the most popular in Slovakia. The first teams emerged in late 1929, and now the country of five million has more than 11,000 registered players, along with many more playing ice hockey or some form of it just for fun in their spare time...
Slovakia celebrates Europe Day
Europe Day, observed on May 9, celebrates unity and is a symbolic birthday of the European Union. the Schuman Declaration was signed on this very day 73 years ago, proposing an organization that integrated the steel and coal industries. The alliance would later serve as the basis for the integration of other European countries and evolve into the union it is known today.
Slovakia – a country of primeval forests
Forests are an integral part of Slovakia's image and have shaped the country's history. Their status and significance is reflected in the fact that in 1952 April was designated Forest Month. At least 40 percent of Slovakia's landmass is covered in trees....
Slovak startup brings the biggest smart waste installation to Europe
Every year, April 22 is observed as Earth Day, bringing awareness to how we as species destroy our environment. One particular way we do this is through excessive waste production, which can be countered by efficient management.
Slovak Easter traditions may surprise you
A predominantly Catholic country, Easter is one of the most important festivals for Slovakia. This year, the festivities take place from April 7 to 10.
Famous Slovak Romani band, chosen by Hans Zimmer for his movie
International Roma Day on April 8 offers an opportunity to remember that Romani people have been an integral part of Slovakia for centuries. 
Earth Hour calls on us to help protect the planet
A worldwide movement called Earth Hour is held on the last Saturday of March, encouraging people, institutions, businesses, and even towns to turn off non-essential lights for one hour, and instead spend 60 minutes doing something positive for our planet.
Slovak who conquered the world of film effects
As a child, Vladimír Valovič was intrigued by drawing his own comics and graffiti. Later, he started to learn how to use a graphics editor and create 3D graphics, which was not as easy in 1990s as it is now that tutorials and information are everywhere.
March 8 opens debates about equal opportunities in Slovakia
On March 8, International Women's Day is celebrated globally to bring awareness to the social, political, economic, and cultural achievements of women. Slovak women have been guaranteed legal equality since 1920. Nevertheless, the holiday is an opportunity to continue the debate on the real status of equal opportunities....  
The Slovak film set maker that Hollywood productions choose
My favorite film is A Knight's Tale. In the film I see a great parallel with my life,” says Jozef Mičo, a film set builder from Terchová, north Slovakia, who has worked on more than 70 feature films, many of which were Hollywood and foreign productions...
Slovakia understands what is at stake in the war in Ukraine
On February 24, it will be a year since Russia started an unprecedented war against Ukraine. From the very beginning, the highest representatives of the Slovak Republic called the unprovoked invasion an act of military aggression and denounced the war... 
Slovak startup revolutionizes clinical treatment with AI
In recent years, many Slovak startups have been successful both in their home country and abroad as well. The stories of Eset and Sygic are well known. However, they are not the only ones to gain international renown...
Slovakia remembers its own pioneer on World Braille Day
As we observe World Braille day, Slovakia remembers its own important figure, whose incredible life story is closely tied with helping visually impaired people. He had a backpack full of books, a walking stick in his hand, frequently dressed in a local folk costume...


A painter whose work now enriches the Christmas
In Slovakia, Christmas is also linked to specially issued postage stamps. This year, the Slovenská Pošta postal service will issue a special stamp depicting one of the many Christological motifs in the work of Peter Michal Bohúň - The Queen of Heaven...
Slovakia's answer to the hardships of war
Along with other people, the war in Ukraine has displaced thousands of orphans. On January 6 every year, the World Day of War Orphans is observed in order to raise awareness of their difficult lives...
World Day of Romani Language
The Romani language is one of the most important elements of the Romani ethnic group. On November 5, the World Day of Romani Language is celebrated to promote the group's culture, history and education....
Ladislav Hudec - the Slovak who changed Shanghai
His name may not be known to many, but in the Chinese municipality of Shanghai, Ladislav Hudec is revered as one of the most important Slovaks. He lived in the city between 1918 and 1947, leaving behind several important Art Deco buildings, including the iconic 22-floor Park Hotel, Asia's first skyscraper. Many of his works still survive to this day...
Slovakia's Eset is one of the leading cyber security companies
A hundred million computer users in 180 countries around the world are protected by a Slovak company. They rely on its anti-virus programs. November 30 is dedicated to International Computer Security Day, an opportunity to present Eset’s story, Slovakia's most valuable international brand according to Forbes Magazine...
Slovak postage stamps recognised world-wide
Ladislav Bielik's “Bare-Chested Man in Front of Occupiers’ Tank” is not only a famous picture listed among 100 Photographs That Changed the World by Life Magazine. The photo was turned into a postage stamp and in 2019 it won several awards at the NexoFil Best Stamp in the World competition in Madrid...
The last man to walk on the Moon had Slovak ancestry
So far, twelve men have set foot on the Moon, the last one being Eugene Andrew Cernan in 1972. On December 7, the world commemorates the 50th anniversary of the last Apollo mission. A captain in the US Navy, he flew into space three times, two being missions to our natural satellite...