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Property Management and Services for Diplomatic Corps

The diplomatic missions accredited to and residing in the Slovak Republic are free to choose their office premises and residential properties individually.


However, the Diplomatic Corps Services (Správa služieb diplomatickému zboru - SSDZ) was established, among other things, also for the purpose of renting or purchasing properties for diplomatic missions. SSDZ plays an important role in providing services to diplomatic missions, international organisations and government representatives acting in Slovakia.


SSDZ leases its own properties and other non-residential premises and buildings in attractive locations of Bratislava which meet the highest European standards and accommodate even the most demanding client requirements.


As well as leasing, SSDZ also offers a broad range of additional services and comprehensive advisory services in the area of property management, including: building surveillance and security, standard small-scale construction projects, cleaning and moving, arranging transport and storage, property insurance and similar services. SSDZ is available to clients 24 hours a day, guaranteeing them continuous above-standard services.


More information at: www.ssdz.sk

Správa služieb diplomatickému zboru, a.s.
Palisády 31
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